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Terry Wogan has died, aged 77

Terry Wogan · 趨勢話題

"A true gentleman, a king of the airwaves."
More tributes to Sir Terry Wogan: http://bbc.in/1Q3K3zE

BBC News
Sir Terry Wogan always had a way with words.
A look back at his life and career: http://bbc.in/1QPFfTs

The Guardian
"Wary of public shows of emotion, Wogan had been determined to deliver the closing link of his final Radio 2 breakfast show in a manner that he characteristically described as “manful”. However, he had tellingly taken the precaution of making written notes for possibly the only time in his radio career and, reading from them, audibly broke down. The next broadcaster on air, Ken Bruce, left an appropriate pause, before thanking Wogan and saying: 'We will never see his like again.'"

Terry Wogan: the intriguingly subversive national treasure
Inspired by satirist Brian O’Nolan, Wogan was often considered cosy but…

Obituary: Sir Terry Wogan - BBC News

A look back at the life and career of Sir Terry Wogan, the genial Irishman who became one of the best loved broadcasters in the UK.

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Sir Terry Wogan signs off on his breakfast show

After 27 years on Radio 2, the veteran broadcaster tells his eight million listeners: "I'm going to miss you.". Follow us on twitter at http://twitter.com/it...



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Terry Wogan to interview Bowie, Lemmy and Alan Rickman

Sir Terry Wogan has an absolutely tremendous lineup for his next round of interviews.



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BBC Radio 4


His Desert Island Discs is a gem.

Terry Wogan has died, aged 77

From New Year's Day 2012.


Gretchen Peters - When You Are Old - YouTube

▶ 2:46


Jul 14, 2010 - Uploaded by GermanCountryBoy

Gretchen Peters - When You Are Old. ... Lyrics are quite sad and have this old git thinking of other happy times ...

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Land Rover Defender, a British icon, ends production

It's been the car of choice for Queen Elizabeth II and other Royals:
CNN International 和 CNN 都分享了 1 條連結

London's first driverless cars:The 'pods' will take to the streets in July.

The 'pods' will take to the streets in July.

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Telegraph.co.uk British Tax Deal With Google Puts Government on Defensive 「避稅」爭議加劇:倫敦市長為谷歌站台 (BBC)

British Tax Deal With Google Puts Government on Defensive
LONDON — When it was announced last Friday,Google's agreement to pay 130 million pounds in back taxes was welcomed by the country's ...

The Guardian
Cameron 'too close to Google', say critics, after £130m tax deal
David Cameron, left, listens to Google's Eric Schmidt speaking at the 2006 Conservative party conference. Photograph: Martin Argles for the Guardian.


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倫敦市長約翰遜Image copyrightGetty
Image caption倫敦市長約翰遜被認為是未來保守黨黨魁以至於英國首相職位的有力競爭者



約翰遜是在接受英國《每日電訊報》(Daily Telegraph)採訪時發表上述意見的。


谷歌Image copyrightPA
Image caption谷歌經過談判決定向英國政府「補稅」1.3億英鎊

(編譯:晧宇 / 責編:路西)

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: "Tattoo London; under the skin"

Dr Matt Lodder from Essex Art History has recently been helping to create the exciting new, landmark exhibition 'Tattoo London', which opens 29 January at the Museum of London.
Helping to challenge perceptions about the art form and celebrating the work of tattoo artists throughout history, Dr Lodder will also be speaking at an exclusive, sold out event: "Tattoo London; under the skin" on the 22nd February.
Discover what else Art History at Essex has to offer:http://www.essex.ac.uk/arthistory/

Tattooing in London has a long and rich history, dating back to a time before Captain Cook made his adventures to the Pacific. Tattoo London, will offer insi...

Hedgehog 'Highways' Take Over Suburban England

The highway initiative facilitates safer, easier passage for hedgehogs in highly developed residential areas.

英國"登記旅客快速通關計畫(Registered Traveller Service,RTS)"

英國將臺灣納入"登記旅客快速通關計畫(Registered Traveller Service,RTS)",臺灣外交部週二表示歡迎。
RTS 計畫適用資格為滿18歲以上,持6個月以上效期有效英國簽證,或過去2年內從事商務、一般性訪問、學術、過境、體育或娛樂表演等事由,短期訪英至少4次者 。有意者,可上英國政府網站網頁註冊申辦並繳納費用,經審核通過後,即可成為RTS計畫會員。通過審核者可持晶片護照在英國各適用機場經"英國/歐盟護照通道"或"電子護照門"入境,免除填寫入境卡、移民官員面談及按捺指紋等程式,獲快速通關便利。

Bedroom Tax ruled 'discriminatory' and 'unlawful' by Court of Appeal judges

Bedroom Tax ruled 'discriminatory' and 'unlawful' by Court of Appeal judges
The ruling follows a legal challenge by a domestic violence victim and the family of a disabled teenager

The Government’s so-called “Bedroom Tax” policy has been declared discriminatory and unlawful by the Court of Appeal.
Judges made the decision following a legal challenge against the Government by a domestic violence victim and the family of a disabled teenager.
The charge, which takes the form of a reduction in housing support for people with more than a certain number of bedrooms, was introduced in April 2013 to encourage people to move out of homes they are "under occupying".
It has since been criticised for causing poverty, disproportionally affecting the disabled, and hitting people who have nowhere suitable to move to.
The Department for Work and Pensions said it would appeal the decision in the Supreme Court – the UK’s highest and final appellate court.
One of the two successful appeals was brought by a woman identified as ‘A’ who had been a victim of domestic violence. Her home has been specially adapted to include a panic room.
Her lawyers claimed the policy discriminated against her because she would have to leave a room that had been adapted for her safety. Wheelchair users and disabled people have made similar claims.
The second successful appeal was brought by Paul and Susan Rutherford on behalf of their severely disabled grandson Warren.
Warren suffers from a rare genetic disorder and requires 24 hour care because he cannot walk, talk or feed himself.
The couple was hit by the bedroom tax because they have a room that is used for overnight carers and storing specialist medical equipment.
The court found the policy’s impact on disabled children was contrary to the European Convention on Human Rights.
Both appears were being considered by the Court of Appeal because they had been rejected by the High Court.
Beth Grossman, head of policy at disability charity Scope, said the policy was inappropriate for people with disabilities and causing hardship for them. 
“For the vast majority of disabled people these are not spare bedrooms, these are essential rooms," she said.
Many people need a room for specialist equipment, or so that their disabled child can sleep separately from their siblings, or with a carer.
“We’ve spoken to disabled people who aren’t able to share a specially adapted bed with their partner, and have to sleep in a separate room. They’re being forced to move, or find the extra cash they don’t have to pay their rent.
“Life costs more if you are disabled. Scope research shows disabled people pay more for all kinds of everyday things – on average a premium of £550 per month. We should be looking at ways to bring costs down rather than ramping them up.”
Owen Smith MP, Labour’s Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, said the party had long argued against the“cruel” policy.
“This victory in the Court of Appeal is a massive blow to the Tories’ Bedroom Tax.  It provides a glimmer of hope for the hundreds of thousands of people who have been hit by this cruel policy, he said.
“Labour has long argued that the Bedroom Tax is deeply unfair and discriminatory, which is why we have campaigned so hard against it.  Surely the time has now come for the Tories to discover a conscience, listen to the courts as well as the public, and scrap the hated Bedroom Tax.”
A DWP spokesman said the people found to have been discriminated against were in receipt of discretionary housing payment – payment provided by councils to cancel out the effects of the “bedroom tax”.
“We are pleased that the court found – once again – that we have complied with the Public Sector Equality Duty,” the spokesperson said in a statement.
“We fundamentally disagree with the court’s ruling on the ECHR, which directly contradicts the High Court. We have already been granted permission to appeal to the Supreme Court.
“We know there will be people who need extra support. That is why we are giving local authorities over £870m in extra funding over the next five years to help ensure people in difficult situations like these don’t lose out.”