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Rising tuition fees boost private universities in the UK

Rising tuition fees boost private universities in the UK

With tuition fees set to treble at most British universities from 2012,
suddenly a private degree could be a cheaper option. And with more contact
hours, you could possibly get a better education.


Education | 27.04.2011

Rising tuition fees boost private universities in the UK

With tuition fees set to treble at most British universities from 2012, suddenly a private degree could be a cheaper option. And with more contact hours, you could possibly get a better education.

With the UK government tightening its purse strings to tame a yawning budget deficit, hundreds of thousands of British students are set to begin amassing as much 27,000 pounds (30,000 euros, $44,000) in debt due to higher tuition fees of up to 11,000 pounds. From next year, they are likely to graduate owing three times as much as current students.

Some students are therefore opting to go to a private university, which could now very well be a cheaper option.

It is still an up-and-coming sector in Britain. Unlike in Germany, where almost a quarter of universities are privately run, the UK has just two institutions that don't rely on public funding for their survival.

The two-year degree

The University of Buckingham, which opened in 1976, offers a three-year undergraduate degree in just 24 months, which could work out much less expensive. By reducing the number of holidays to 12 weeks, the institution fits in an extra study term every year.

"Our view is that the long summer, Christmas and Easter holidays are actually disruptive. I think that most students would benefit from our system, where you don't have a summer holiday," Vice Chancellor Terence Kealey told Deutsche Welle.

BPP CollegeBildunterschrift: Großansicht des Bildes mit der Bildunterschrift: BPP College is one of two private universities in the UK

He insists a two-year degree is not a gimmick. "Basically, you're here to work for two years. We think it's a better educational experience."

When students stay at their campus - 100 kilometers (60 miles) north-west of London for just two years - they reduce their living costs by a year. They could also get an extra 12 months' salary from starting work early, making private universities like Buckingham a lot more attractive than they used to be.

The university claims that students don't study any less and the curriculum is not rushed. "We have between eight and nine contact hours a week. Everyone knows that even the best universities in Britain are only giving three to four contact hours a week," Kealey said.

"Practically no university today has one on one, two on one or three on one tutorials. We have a very, very active tutorial program at Buckingham where students are taught in small groups," he explained.

As a private college that is run like a charity, Buckingham misses out on much of the public funding awarded to traditional British universities. However, in a recent university league table published by The Times newspaper, it came 27th out of 115 UK institutions. Its law and business degrees are regularly ranked higher still.

A national University?

Recently, Buckingham was joined by a second private institution, which has now been given permission to grant undergraduate degrees. BPP began as an accountancy training ground in the 1970s but has since moved into law and business programs. BPP, unlike Buckingham, is a profit-making business with a practical approach.

Buckingham Mill, UKBildunterschrift: Großansicht des Bildes mit der Bildunterschrift: Buckingham Mill has been converted into student facilities

"We are mainly professionals teaching other professionals. So I've been a practicing lawyer and I teach my practicing area," BPP's chief executive Carl Lygo explained.

"Often in the publicly maintained universities, you get research-focused academics who are teaching but who have never practiced. And there is a bit of a disconnect."

With centers all over Britain, BPP is offering law and business degrees for less than 4,000 euros ($5,800) a year. They claim their degrees charge some of the lowest fees of any university in the UK.

No more protection from market forces

Private universities warn that the publicly funded institutions are in for a real shock once the increase in tuition fees begins next year.

"The rest of the sector is going to be exposed to the kind of issues that BPP has always been exposed to. If you are not delivering high enough quality, your customers don't come back," Lygo said, adding that he expects that other private companies will start investing in higher education.

"I suspect that the private sector will move in and offer an alternative that is career-focused and of high quality but is not investing in the leafy campuses, the swimming pools and the sports facilities."

Buckingham Church, UKBildunterschrift: Großansicht des Bildes mit der Bildunterschrift: Buckingham Church now belongs to the university

But vice chancellors at many publicly funded universities argue that it is private institutions that will be able to "cherry pick" the most lucrative degrees.

Some say that an increase in private sector education in the US led to a reduction in standards.

The business impact

The real test of private universities' success will surely be with students and employers.

BPP says that major law firms and the big four accountancy companies regularly choose them to train their employees.

Meanwhile, a recent university league table published by The Guardian daily shows that graduates from the University of Buckingham have higher job prospects than students from Oxford and Cambridge.

Similarly Buckingham comes out high in student satisfaction reports.

BPP say there's room for more private sector universities to train young people in programs that can help their careers. "A third of students leaving university in the UK wished they'd studied something that was more career-focused. And that is a shocking indictment of our education system," according to Carl Lygo.

"The UK is below the OECD average in terms of the numbers of graduates that it is producing. So we're clearly not doing as well as other countries in the developed world."

Author: Nik Martin
Editor: Nicole Goebel

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Knights of the Garter/Millennium Dome/Auld Lang Syne

Order of the Garter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

英國王室的一名發言人說,不邀請前首相布萊爾和布朗參加周五英國威廉王子婚禮僅是出於「禮儀」的原因。 該名發言人說,布萊爾和布朗沒有得到英國最高的勛位——嘉德勛位。 前保守黨領袖和前首相撒切爾夫人和梅傑都受到邀請,二人都被授予嘉德勛位。

柴契爾夫人以健康狀况為由婉拒邀請。梅傑已答應出席。王室發言人表示,布萊爾與布朗並未獲得嘉德騎士(Knights of the Garter)勛銜,因此未獲邀,但工黨議員認為兩人未獲邀參加這一「偉大英國盛事」,是讓人意外且異乎尋常的。





布萊爾在回憶錄中也透露了他一次對女王「不敬」的經歷,那是千禧年時兩人一同出席千禧宮(Millennium Dome)*活動同唱「友誼萬歲」(Auld Lang Syne)**時,自己曾為是否要跟女王「牽手」而煩惱(王室對觸碰女王有嚴格限制),其後他決定伸橫雙手,讓女王決定是否牽手,最後女王伸出一隻手回應。


*千禧巨蛋Millennium Dome、有時簡稱為The Dome)位於英國倫敦,是為了慶祝進入第3個千禧年而建造的,於2000年開幕,是由英國建築師理察·羅傑斯所設計的。


友誼萬歲》(低地蘇格蘭語Auld Lang Syne)是一首非常出名的詩歌,原文用蘇格蘭語寫作,意思是逝去已久的日子。Auld Lang Syne是18世紀蘇格蘭詩人羅伯特·伯恩斯(Robert Burns)據當地父老口傳錄下的。這首詩後來被譜了樂曲,除了原蘇格蘭文外,這首歌亦被多國譜上當地語言,在中國各地普遍稱為「友誼萬歲」、「友誼天長地久」或「驪歌」。中文歌詞有多個版本,許多人通常可以哼出歌曲的旋律。



[編輯] 低地蘇格蘭語歌詞

Burn 的蘇格蘭英語原文[1] 現代低地蘇格蘭語歌詞

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind ?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And auld lang syne ?

For auld lang syne, my jo,
For auld lang syne,
We’ll tak a cup o’ kindness yet,
For auld lang syne.

And surely ye’ll be your pint-stowp !
And surely I’ll be mine !
And we’ll tak a cup o’ kindness yet,
For auld lang syne.


We twa hae run about the braes,
And pu’d the gowans fine ;
But we’ve wander’d mony a weary foot,
Sin auld lang syne.


We twa hae paidl’d i' the burn,
Frae morning sun till dine ;
But seas between us braid hae roar’d
Sin auld lang syne.


And there’s a hand, my trusty fiere !
And gie's a hand o’ thine !
And we’ll tak a right gude-willy waught,
For auld lang syne.


Shoud auld acquentance be forgot,
An niver brocht tae mind ?
Shoud auld acquentance be forgot,
An auld lang syne ?

For auld lang syne, my jo,
For auld lang syne,
We’ll tak a cup o kindness yet,
For auld lang syne.

An shuirly ye’ll be your pint-stowp !
An shuirly A’ll be mine !
An we’ll tak a cup o kindness yet,
For auld lang syne.


We twa hae rin aboot the braes,
An poud the gowans fine ;
But we’v wandert mony a weary fit,
Sin auld lang syne.


We twa hae paidelt in the burn,
Frae mornin sun till dine ;
But seas atween us braid hae raired
Sin auld lang syne.


An thare’s a haund, ma trusty fere !
An gie's a haund o thine !
An we’ll tak a richt guidwilly waucht,
For auld lang syne.


royal wedding/英國人出走

Overheard: Royal Reality
Prince William's marriage to Kate Middleton is the biggest royal occasion since his parents, Prince Charles and Lady Diana, wed 30 years ago. Economically speaking, British people should hope it is at least 30 years till the next one. Just as in 1981, the U.K. faces an unemployment problem, high inflation and low consumer confidence. Moreover, household incomes, adjusted for inflation, have fallen over the past year for the first time since, you guessed it, 1981, according to Distinction Asset Management.

At least, soon-to-be Princess Catherine will be shielded many of the realities of contemporary Britain. Not least, according to the OECD, if she were an average British wife, she would spend 83 minutes a day cooking and cleaning, four times as long as William's 21 minutes. Thank goodness for domestic help, eh?

Beware the guillotine as anti-monarchists prepare for the royal wedding

As Britain makes last-minute preparations for Friday's royal wedding,
anti-monarchists from across Europe plan to use the occasion to call for
the abolition of Europe's royal families.

The DW-WORLD.DE Article


Associated Press
許多英國人準備利用這個接連四天的週末假期出國度假﹐同時很多外國遊客湧入倫敦準備觀看威廉王子和凱特•米德爾頓(Kate Middleton)的婚禮。旅遊專家說﹐一年中這個時候有這麼多人離開英國還是前所未有的。

據英國旅行社協會(ABTA-The Travel Association)估計﹐大約有350萬人準備出國﹐這大約佔英國總人口的5%。一家名為Thomas Cook的旅行社又另外增加了10萬個度假套餐名額以滿足需求。

英國人既沒有厭棄英國王室﹐也沒有轉向尋求結束英國君主制的共和主義。英國旅行社協會的發言人蒂普頓(Sean Tipton)說﹐這些英國人只是想抓住機會。



就在英國人紛紛出國的同時﹐大批外國人正湧入英國。在線旅遊公司Expedia說﹐預定在皇室婚禮這段時間到倫敦旅遊的人數﹐是去年同期的三倍多。英國航空公司(British Airways)則表示﹐本週相關慶祝活動開始前將運送超過25萬人到倫敦。



英國酒店業協會(British Hospitality Association)發言人奎斯特(Miles Quest)說﹐生意雖然繁忙﹐但肯定沒有客滿。

英王室婚 流程大綱
2011/04/28 21:06:16


威廉王子(Prince William)和凱特(KateMiddleton)在婚禮前一天公布流程表,並向各界致上謝意。




結婚典禮明天上午11時在倫敦市中心的西敏寺(Westminster Abbey)展開。

首批賓客將在早上8點15分後陸續抵達會場,威廉王子將在10時15分現身,女王伊麗莎白二世(QueenElizabeth II)則於10時45分入場。


婚禮將在中午12時15分結束。新婚的威廉和凱特將乘坐馬車前去白金漢宮。長達15分鐘的遊行路線將先經過國會大廈(Houses of Parliament)和唐寧街(Downing Street),接著沿著墨爾大道(The Mall)來到白金漢宮。當天將有5輛馬車載著王室家族和密道頓家族遊行。





婚禮一共邀請1900名賓客,約40名外國王室成員獲邀,足球金童貝克漢(David Beckham)和歌手艾爾頓強(Elton John)也受邀。就連凱特家鄉巴克伯理(Bucklebury)的酒吧老闆、肉販和郵差也都在賓客名單中。




婚禮當天的膳食飲品中肯定會有2款蛋糕,其中一個是向知名蛋糕師傅凱恩茲(Fiona Cairns)訂購的水果蛋糕,這款婚禮蛋糕將以16種不同的花卉和葉片做裝飾,其中玫瑰象徵幸福;橡樹和橡實象徵決心和毅力;百合花象徵溫和;長春藤的葉子則象徵婚姻等等。



英國王室婚姻的結婚禮服不僅是國家機密,還是眾人爭相猜測的議題。媒體點名亞歷山大.麥昆時裝公司(Alexander McQueen fashion house)創意總監莎拉‧伯頓(Sarah Burton),說她是被選中的設計師,但該公司否認。

美國「哈芬登郵報」(Huffingtonpost.com)猜測禮服設計師是Libelula旗下英國設計師克蘭斯頓(Sophie Cranston)。「每日郵報」(Daily Mail)則報導,凱特親手設計自己的婚紗。(譯者:中央社林亭儀)1000428


白金漢宮相吻 王室婚禮重現
【4/10 21:35】


王室婚禮預定29日上午11時在倫敦西敏寺舉行,教堂內約有來自世界各地的2000名賓客,教堂外禮車與馬車行進路線沿約有數十萬民眾圍觀,婚禮儀式約進 行1小時15分鐘,12時15分威廉王子與凱特.密道頓(Kate Middleton)搭乘馬車離開,前往白金漢宮。








他們在倫敦的住處目前仍未決定,可能在白金漢宮(Buckingham Palace)或肯辛頓宮(KensingtonPalace)。

婚禮當天,文化部與倫敦市政府將在倫敦特拉法加廣場(Trafalgar Square)及海德公園,架設大型電視螢幕,讓民眾掌握這場世紀婚禮的實況。(本文附有照片)


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--胡適之先生晚年談話錄 (258-59 1961/12/6)

對貴格的推崇 可參考: 《哲學書簡》伏爾泰

Friends, Society of :公誼會;貴格會;教友派:為基督教派之一支,十七世紀中葉由福克斯( George Fox )成立於英國,反對形式上的宗教,注重所謂「內心之光」。

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我看這一方式 似乎與30年前我在 Essex 大學的類似

英國留學遊學在Sheffield University - 英國雪菲爾大學自炊式宿舍

Student room in Victoria Hall.







本校亦與私人擁有的房舍簽約,提供更多的套房及附廚房的套房,房內裝潢類似大學擁有的自炊式房舍,但有一些額外的設備,包括電視、客廳、穿衣鏡等。私人宿 舍通常都提供刀叉餐具、碗盤、熱水壺、炊具等。您需先付款-通常為一筆定金及第一期的租金-以保留房位。


最大的好處是彈性,您可以選擇任何時間及地點吃任何想吃的食物。2008年起所有的自炊式宿舍學生可購買餐點卡,不想自己下廚的時候,拿餐點卡即可到The Edge或其他宿舍餐廳用餐。




  • 廚房/餐廳
  • 衛浴/淋浴



  • 櫥櫃
  • 書桌
  • 椅子



  • 棉被
  • 枕頭
  • 床單
  • 餐具
  • 炊具



大部份的租約為期42週,Broad Lane公寓則提供給研究生50週的租約。


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誰在乎你倆成婚Brits 'Couldn't Care Less' About the Royal Wedding

'Couldn't Care Less', get a grip, booming Scottish brogue

Brits 'Couldn't Care Less' About the Royal Wedding

Jean Stewart, a 62-year-old retired restaurateur in Arbroath, a town of 20,000 on Scotland's rugged northeast coast, recently dispatched invitations for a ladies' tea party to watch the television coverage of the wedding of Prince William of Wales to Catherine Middleton on April 29. Cakes will be served, a prize for best "fancy hat" awarded and "gossiping will be mandatory." Alex Smith, 56, a gruff, lifelong fisherman and acquaintance of Stewart's, has no such activities in mind. "There's na a thing in the world I'd like to do less than watch that rubbish," he says in a booming Scottish brogue. "This country needs to get a grip."

Royal-wedding souvenirs line a street stall in London, the city where Prince William and Kate Middleton will marry on Friday

Sang Tan / AP

Jean Stewart, a 62-year-old retired restaurateur in Arbroath, a town of 20,000 on Scotland's rugged northeast coast, recently dispatched invitations for a ladies' tea party to watch the television coverage of the wedding of Prince William of Wales to Catherine Middleton on April 29. Cakes will be served, a prize for best "fancy hat" awarded and "gossiping will be mandatory." Alex Smith, 56, a gruff, lifelong fisherman and acquaintance of Stewart's, has no such activities in mind. "There's na a thing in the world I'd like to do less than watch that rubbish," he says in a booming Scottish brogue. "This country needs to get a grip."

Stewart and Smith may have widely divergent views of the entertainment value of the royal wedding, but they share the same attitude toward the monarchy itself. Stewart planned her outfit for the tea party weeks in advance and follows the romance of Wills and Kate in the tabloid press, but she isn't a royalist and has no strong feelings on the importance of the monarchy. Smith may think the ceremony to be ridiculous, but he harbors no desire to oust the royal household from power and is untroubled by the continuation of Queen Elizabeth II as the country's de jure head of state. (See 10 ways Kate and William break the wedding mold.)

Smith and Stewart's views are typical in the U.K., where the royal wedding seems to be widely viewed as entertainment, or a nuisance, but rarely as a serious political event. In a recent poll of 2,000 British adults, 35% said they planned to watch the wedding on television; the same proportion intends to ignore proceedings, and the rest had no specific plans. A separate poll found that 79% of Brits — including those who will watch the event — were either "largely indifferent" or "couldn't care less" about the royal wedding. And although women were twice as likely as men to have made arrangements to watch the wedding, Stewart says many see it as nothing more than an excuse to throw a party.

"It's just a bit of frivolity and fun," Stewart explains. "I don't think anyone takes it seriously."

Well, some do. Republic, a 12,000-strong lobby group that advocates replacing the Queen with an elected head of state, has been pushing its agenda hard in the run-up to the wedding. The group wishes to see the Queen stripped of her remaining "prerogative powers," such as the need for parliamentary bills to have her formal assent before they become law, and her ability to disband the British Parliament and the legislatures of several Commonwealth countries, which her acting Governor General in Australia did in 1975. (See the best royal-wedding souvenirs.)

"It's the best time for us because the wedding draws attention to the monarchy, and the truth is that people in Britain aren't in love with the monarchy. A majority don't hold strong feelings either way, and they can be convinced," says Graham Smith, the campaign manager for Republic.

Maybe, but Brits have a habit of hiding their passion behind a facade of indifference; in the buildup to the Queen's Golden Jubilee celebration in 2002, which marked 50 years of her reign, commentators speculated that the monarchy had lost touch with Brits following the death of Princess Diana in 1997, but then 1 million people showed up for the celebration. And whatever the polls say, London officials anticipate that hundreds of thousands will line the royal-wedding route in the capital; thousands of street parties have also been planned around the country.

(2 of 2)

So far, the only audible grumbling about the royal wedding outside the republican community has come not from constitutional scholars and politicians but from British businesses. Annual public support for the royal household — which amounts to $66 million each year in subsidies, and as much as $300 million if unpaid taxes and security costs are taken into account — is a long-running source of controversy in the U.K. Royalists say the palace recoups this money by drawing tourists to the country. Republicans counter that no firm data supports that assertion. Indeed, of the top 20 tourist attractions in the U.K., only one royal residence makes the list: Windsor Castle at No. 17, which is beaten comfortably by the nearby Legoland Windsor, which is ranked seventh.

The wedding will not be a cheap affair. The service will be paid for privately by the families of the groom and bride, but the cost of policing the event — which has been estimated between $8 million and $33 million — will come from public coffers. That's a relatively small figure — equivalent to the salary of some top soccer players — but it's nonetheless come under criticism in some of the British media. More significantly, the wedding day itself has been designated a national holiday. The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has complained that shutting down the British economy for the day will result in around $10 billion in lost productivity. As the wedding falls close to Easter, consultancy firm RSM Tenon places the entire cost of the country's April holidays at $50 billion, or roughly one-third of the budget for the nation's National Health Service, a significant figure at a time when the country is struggling to recover from financial and economic crises. "This is a fragile time for the economy and we are concerned about the effect this lost productivity will have on our recovery," CBI spokeswoman Sarah Lee says. (See an album of royal weddings past.)

This isn't the first royal wedding in Britain to take place during a period of recovery, however, and some commentators say the ceremony will provide a much needed boost to social capital and national solidarity. When Princess Elizabeth married Philip Mountbatten two years after the end of World War II, Winston Churchill called the wedding a "flash of color on the hard road we have to travel." That sentiment has been reflected in Britain's mass-market tabloids, whose daily coverage has fawned over every detail of William and Kate's prenuptial movements and plans. Few stories ever sold more papers in Britain than the life and death of William's mother, Princess Diana, and Britain's press is loath to miss a similar bonanza around William. The BBC plans to assign 200 to 300 journalists to the story, U.S. networks will run prime-time specials, and a variety of foreign broadcast-news channels will carry the event live. "Huge news stories come in many forms," says Helen Boaden, the BBC's director of news. "You have earthquakes, financial crashes and the like, but you also have moments when a nation comes together, and this is one of those moments."

Steven Barnett, a professor of communications at the University of Westminster, isn't so sure. He says the British media are giving the wedding greater attention than it deserves. "It is quite an inexpensive story to cover: it's picture-heavy and can be reported from the office without travel. So it's been an easy story to play big, especially for the papers," he says. But that's not to say that the relentless coverage in the lead-up to the event won't manufacture interest among Brits, and manage to bind the nation to a common — and appealing — narrative. Weddings are ceremonies at once common and momentous in everyday life, and so are occasions when royalty and laity might naturally converge. That Britain's royal family has a history of messy divorces only makes the fairy tale of the handsome prince and his doting bride more compelling to the public, Boaden says. "A lot of weddings start as a fairy tale and end badly. It's a moment in anyone's life when hopes are highest. Almost everyone can relate to that, even if they know it doesn't always work out," she says.

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威廉王子(Prince William)及交往多年的女友凱特•密道頓(Kate Middleton)將於29日成親,預期屆時將有數十萬人前來祝賀,此外,王室更是邀請數以百計貴賓前來西敏寺(Westminster Abbey)參加婚禮。


白金漢宮(Buckingham Palace)對面,懸掛數十面英國國旗,預期林蔭路(The Mall)沿途將掛起更多國旗。威廉和凱特這對新婚夫婦將在舉行過婚禮後,乘馬車沿著林蔭路前往白金漢宮。

栗子樹上裝設喇叭,要對群眾播放婚禮現場情況,鄰近聖詹姆斯公園(St James's Park)的草坪也已修剪,花圃中開滿芬芳花朵。


雖然威廉和凱特不會經過特拉法加廣場(Trafalgar Square)附近的噴水池,當局還這趁著這個機會,清洗這些19世紀的噴水池。


而多年來,長駐國會廣場(Parliament Square)的反戰示威者終於也被法院下令驅離,廣場的草坪也已重新植上草皮。

  • 2011-04-22
  • 中國時報
  • 【江靜玲/倫敦廿一日電】

 倫敦蘇荷區的「Bubbleology」販售的珍珠奶茶從原料到製作過程,都從台灣進口,百分之百的「台灣原味」。創始人阿薩德.漢恩(Assad Khan)原是銀行家,在紐約的摩根大通銀行服務七年間,迷上珍奶,一周至少有五天要來一杯。




2011年4月17日 星期日


倫敦傳真-政客子女們 背負成長十字架

  • 2011-04-17
  • 中國時報
  • 【江靜玲】

 英國副首相克萊格(Nick Clegg)最近接受專訪時,談及自己因支持英國大學學費上漲,成為攻擊目標,連他九歲兒子都忍不住問道:「爸爸,為什麼那麼多人恨你?」


 克萊格領導的自民黨在英國二○一○年大選時,保證執 政後不會調漲英國高等教育學費。克萊格個人也因為在英國大選首次舉行的歷史性電視辯論中,表現出色,人氣高漲,媒體甚至將其與英國名相邱吉爾相比擬。但與 卡麥隆領導的保守黨組成聯合政府後,克萊格轉向支持調升大學學費,引發英倫罕見學潮大示威。克萊格縱有千百理由,原先挺他的選民,多無法原諒他出爾反爾, 憤怒的年輕學子誓言,「連下輩子都不會再把票投給克萊格!」





 一九九○年,海瑟泰領導挑戰「鐵娘子」柴契爾夫人保守黨黨魁地位,成功迫使柴契爾夫人提前下台,離開首相府。此舉造成日後保守黨黨內近廿 年分裂,海瑟泰功過尚待歷史論斷。身為子女,安娜貝爾說,政爭顛峰期,她把頭壓得低低的,「無論到那裡,都祈禱自己千萬不要被認出來」。直到父親淡出政壇 後,目前擔任雜誌主編的她才覺得可以真正做自己。

 政客的子女因為父母的職務身分,往往予人權貴階級印象。通常,他們也的確比一般人有更暢通的管道和更多的機會。此一情況,中外皆然,例子 更不勝枚舉。安娜貝爾便坦承,自己剛踏出校門時的每一份工作都是因為她是海瑟泰女兒的原故,「並非我能力差,而是幾乎不可能跳過我的家庭背景!」

 有的政客則因此對子女要求比一般家庭更為嚴謹。英國前外長和前司法大臣史卓曾親自把嘗試吸毒的兒子送到警局,他的兒子以幾乎每個同學朋友 都試驗過為由,覺得父親不合常情;但史卓堅持,因為自己的身分,他的子女必須更有禮守紀。如此看來,儘管是在政治家庭中成長,每個家庭仍有一套治家標準。 上樑正了下樑不一定正,但上樑若歪了,下樑一定不正。


2011年4月16日 星期六

the world's thirst for whisky

the world's thirst for whisky

Inside Europe | 16.04.2011 | 07:05

Rural Scotland is profiting from the world's thirst for whisky

While wine-growing may transcend borders, the opposite is true for Scotch whisky. In fact, in order for the spirit to be called Scotch whisky, it must be made in Scotland. And when consumers think of whisky, they are clearly associating it with Scotland more and more as the country's whisky industry is in the middle of a boom.

While sales in traditional markets are still strong, emerging markets in Asia and Latin America are providing sustainable growth and encouraging tremendous investment by industry players. Laura Schweiger travelled to Scotland to find out why, when it comes to Scotch whisky, the world is thirsting for more.

Rural Scotland is profiting from the world's thirst for whisky

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Belligerent and Boozy, mixological firmament,

Critic’s Notebook
Belligerent and Boozy, and That’s Just the Audience

In Detroit for the first stop of his tour, “My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option,” Charlie Sheen did not feel the love.

it’s reassuring to see that these drinker’s oases are not only surviving, but thriving. New York remains the shining star in America’s mixological firmament, but the clouds are clearing and the glittering expanse of the country’s boozy Milky Way is once more coming into view.

(būz) pronunciation Slang.
    1. Hard liquor.
    2. An alcoholic beverage.
  1. A drinking spree.
intr.v., boozed, booz·ing, booz·es.
To drink alcoholic beverages excessively or chronically.

[Alteration of obsolete bouse, from Middle English bousen, to drink to excess, from Middle Dutch būsen.]

boozer booz'er n.
boozily booz'i·ly adv.
boozy booz'y adj.

mixology n. The study or skill of preparing mixed drinks.

(fûr'mə-mənt) pronunciation
The vault or expanse of the heavens; the sky.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Late Latin firmāmentum, from Latin, support, from firmāre, to strengthen. See firm2.]

firmamental fir'ma·ment'al (-mĕn'tl) adj.







這使英國人有了自己的命運掌握在自己手中的感覺- 儘管卡梅倫只是在幫助他們落實一個殘酷的,新自由主義項目。人們本來抱怨國家削減經費不顧貧困公民死活。但是現在英國人突然改變看法,認為"轟炸利比亞",建立"大社會"要比"國家緊縮政策"和"轟炸伊拉克"中聽得多。

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"Lodon Bowl"

"Lodon Bowl",the 2012 Olympic stadium have finished the construction
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According to French media reports, the London 2012 Olympic stadium has been completed in the March 29 Mayor of London, the London 2012 Olympics will be referred to as “wonderful milestone.”

When the London Organising Committee Chairman Sebastian Coe and the International Olympic Committee, Namibian sprinter Frankie Fredericks will be the last piece of turf with the shop into the stadium, London Olympic Stadium was officially completed.

Stratford in East London “London bowl” from the 5250 cost 486 million pounds more than 3 years when the construction workers to complete, which can accommodate 80,000 spectators, the stadium field covers an area of ​​9,000 square meters, will serve as the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic The main stadium will be used, in addition to a race, but also the opening and closing ceremonies of the host.

Sebastian Coe said, “Olympic Stadium is the Olympic Park in the heart of the London Olympics. While we completed on time and within budget, but there is still a lot of preparatory work to be done to ensure that the Olympic Games in July 2012 held brilliant.”

“Now we only need to do further decoration of the venue, including internal runway, the external walls and other parts of it in 2012 we presented a splendid atmosphere of the Olympic Games.”

Fredericks said, “to prepare athletes for the Olympic Games will be hard, it will certainly enjoy the best venues in the conditions here, I believe that athletes will not be disappointed.”

Allegedly, after the end of 2012 London Olympic Games, the venue of the facilities will be removed and the Premier League West Ham United as the main venue used.

1.“倫敦碗”竣工期創奧運之最 2012年倫敦奧運會主場館“倫敦碗”當地時間3月29日竣工。這項工程創造了世界紀錄,讓倫敦奧運會成為奧運歷史上在開幕式前最早完成主場館建造的一屆,而且實際耗資還比預算少了1000萬英鎊。