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Where Are the Grown-Ups?
The grown-up thing to do is to rescue the financial system. If Henry Paulson isn’t the grown-up we need, are Congressional leaders able to fill the role?

  1. Of, characteristic of, or intended for adults: grown-up movies; a grown-up discussion.
  2. Having or showing maturity in outlook, attitude, or appearance: a grown-up attitude toward work.

square off

On Sept. 26, 1960, the first televised debate between presidential candidates took place in Chicago as Republican Richard M. Nixon and Democrat John F. Kennedy squared off. See this front page


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square off phrasal verb US
to prepare to fight, compete or argue with someone:
The two giants in the fast-food industry are squaring off this month with the most aggressive advertising campaigns yet.



慶 祝活動由世界佛教基金會、斯里薩達提沙國際佛教中心、斯里蘭卡教育文化福利基金會共同主辦。最主要是紀念百年前英國佛教先驅阿難達美提亞比丘,將佛教制度 正式帶入英國。英國女王、斯里蘭卡上座長老、斯里蘭卡總統、英國王儲查爾斯王子、國會上議院、下議院、達賴喇嘛、英國坎特伯利大主教、倫敦市長、覺如法師 和世界各地重要佛教傳承,皆應邀為紀念特刊寫賀辭。



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Life Learning With Whimsy, Please, We’re British

Life Learning With Whimsy, Please, We’re British

Steve Forrest/Insight-Visual for The New York Times

In London, through a glass brilliantly: The writer and faculty member Alain de Botton, right, seen through the School of Life’s storefront window, which features a photo of him, left.

Published: September 29, 2008

LONDON — The School of Life, which just opened here, is the sort of place that would welcome the news out of Bari, Italy, the other day. A certain Dr. Marina de Tommaso, leading a team of Italian colleagues, recently asked a dozen young men and women to choose 20 attractive pictures and 20 ugly ones from several hundred works of art. The volunteers stared at said images while being zapped with a laser beam that caused them mild pain.

The intensity of their suffering, it turned out, diminished while they gazed at a Leonardo or a Botticelli or at van Gogh’s “Starry Night.” It persisted before Picasso and Fernando Botero.

Beauty makes you feel better, Dr. de Tommaso concluded, notwithstanding that Edvard Munch’s “Scream” muddied the results: some volunteers found it beautiful, others not so much, proving the different scientific point that everyone’s an art critic.

Sophie Howarth is director of the School of Life. She likes to call this storefront school in Bloomsbury “an apothecary of the mind.” Adults enroll in courses on love, politics, family and play. They may take an instructional tour of the M1 motorway or spend an overnight snooping around Heathrow Airport (staying in a Japanese capsule hotel) with the best-selling author Alain de Botton as guide, lecturing about the art of travel.

There are also bibliotherapists on call, dispensing literary advice; consultants to recommend the most agreeable route for a nighttime walk through the London neighborhood of Brixton; and group meals to enhance conversational skills.

One recent afternoon a line formed on the sidewalk outside the school. Dozens of people were waiting for impromptu private therapy sessions, on a leopard-spotted chaise longue, with David Gale, an actor who described himself as a “nonpsychotherapist.” Strangers revealed their secrets to him anyway.

It may all sound like a big metaprank, but the school is perfectly sincere. The ambition is to offer a road map to a fuller life — secular and interior, not religious — toward which end a sense of humor helps. For reticent Britons, disinclined to emote in public, it’s a kind of lubricant.

Whimsy being in short supply these days, every little bit helps, especially here. The $200 million Damien Hirst auction at Sotheby’s in September, when the world financial markets imploded, summed up the local climate. London has become a greedy city.

The school, too, is looking to turn a profit. (Courses cost about $350 each.) But it’s the earnest brainchild of various London writers, artists and friends — Geoff Dyer, the writer, among them. Like Mr. de Botton, he belongs to the faculty, and is scheduled to deliver a lecture ( “sermon” in school speak) this fall on punctuality.

The other day, apropos of the Esalen Institute in California, and the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics in Colorado, he said the School of Life, by contrast, existed “in a postideological vacuum, in the wake of the thing that Margaret Thatcher said didn’t exist: society.”

“It’s maybe part of the attempt to rebuild a notion of society,” Mr. Dyer continued.

Ms. Howarth, its 33-year-old director, frowned when a visitor wondered aloud if it were instead a kind of twee Learning Annex for those who wouldn’t be caught dead at the Learning Annex. McSweeney’s, the American literary enterprise with an educational component, was the comparison she preferred.

“The alchemy of learning involves making ideas theatrical,” she explained, before a large round table in the school’s basement classroom (“our Wonderworld,” Ms. Howarth called it). The walls were decorated with Lewis Carroll-like scenes by Charlotte Mann, an artist.

“Design is not a trivial part of the enjoyment of how you learn,” Ms. Howarth continued. “There’s a snootiness in the culture sphere around teaching ‘relevance.’ We have spent a lot of time talking to psychotherapists about the questions people really care about, so that we can provide a broader mental apparatus to decide when you wake up in the morning whether to park on the yellow line or to make up with your dad.”

Mr. de Botton sees such instruction as responding to a specifically English problem. On the one hand, he said, there is the exclusionary elitism of ancient higher education. On the other, for English people, “sitting down and talking with strangers about emotional things is taboo, and so we use wit at the school because wit is what the English use when they want to talk about something serious, like the soul.”

Along which lines the school occupies not a formal campus but a modest shop on busy Marchmont Street in Bloomsbury among neighborhood hairdressers, closet-size newsstands and cheap restaurants. The Pasha spa and clinic is nearby, as is a store called Gay’s the Word. The aforementioned chaise beckons from just inside the school’s front window, inviting passers-by to recline with a book purchased from the select few shelves that Ms. Howarth daily organizes by shifting categories. (The other morning the categories included “Things to Learn About Sex” and “For Those Who Worry About Death.”)

The design scheme involves tasteful variations of beige and taupe, along with a few artfully arranged birch trunks. With its bookshelves and a glass cabinet stocked with knickknacks, it looks much more like a curiosity shop than like a school.

Leaning on that old wonder-cabinet idea, the school sells $1.50 postcards of airplanes (an AvAtlantic Boeing 727 on the tarmac at Fort Lauderdale, dated 1992); $10 bottles of “I Love You” Marmite; and posters printed with aphorisms by, among others, Voltaire and Mae West. (“Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before.”) The frugal can take Tunnock’s Milk-Chocolate Coated Caramel bars, in shiny gold and red wrappers, free from a glass jar.

“The school is sort of pointless, like art, culture, sport and many of the other good things in life,” is how Mr. Dyer put it. “We English don’t have your excellent American assumption that the purpose of life is to be happy, that the waiters in restaurants should bring us exactly the food we want, promptly and gladly. We have a much more stoic or Soviet attitude. So the school is a way either of making us happier, i.e., more American, or helping us make an accommodation with the shortcoming of our lot.”

London already offers adult evening classes in women’s self-defense, Indian cooking and Hegel. They’re often a good excuse to unwind at the pub afterward. In a way, Mr. Dyer suggested, the school brings the pub’s charm into the classroom.

Charm, like taste, is a matter of opinion, of course. So far the charm of the school seems to be working. More than 1,000 Londoners turned up on opening day, Sept. 6. Spots in Mr. de Botton’s Heathrow holiday and a two-day jaunt to the Isle of Wight with the photographer Martin Parr quickly disappeared. For optimists, the coincidence of the school’s arrival with the banking collapse and Mr. Hirst’s auction hinted at a possible, if slight, turning point in the city’s ethos.

“At the School of Life, we’re not necessarily trying to take the pain out of life,” Ms. Howarth said — she now had that Bari study on beauty in mind, which she said she did welcome — “but rather to ensure that most of us have the resources to act wisely in the face of inevitable challenges and hurdles.”

“By the way,” she added, referring to the books for sale in the store, “we’ve just put up two new shelves.”

The latest category: “For Those Feeling the Credit Crunch.”

The School of Life is at 70 Marchmont Street, London WC1; for information, theschooloflife.com.

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36 Hours in Brighton, England

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Europe > Britain > England > Brighton

36 Hours in Brighton, England

Jonathan Player for The New York Times

The Royal Pavilion was built by the Prince Regent in the early 19th century.

Published: September 28, 2008

NOT long ago, the English port town of Brighton was considered louche and seedy, a has-been resort with crumbling piers and weathered hotels for so-called dirty weekends. But with cosmopolitan London just an hour away, it was a matter of time before this funky town regained its color. In recent years, chic Londoners have rediscovered Brighton’s lanes and Regency-style buildings, turning it into what’s now called “the gay capital of England." When the weekend rolls around, London’s media and design elites arrive in a caravan of Jaguars, check into boutique hotels and disappear into dance-till-dawn clubs. The scene is reminiscent of Miami Beach, except it is the chilly English Channel at the end of the boardwalk.


5 p.m.

Join the crowd in what is practically a mandatory Brighton tradition: the sunset promenade. Troll, drink and play along the pebbled shores that have been keeping Londoners happy and cold for three centuries. The half mile between the wave-swept ruins of the old West Pier to the alive-and-kicking Brighton Pier is one of the most celebrated strolls in the English-speaking world.

6 p.m.

The colorful labyrinth of alleys known as the Lanes District is an ideal spot for people-watching over a pint of ale and plate of local grub. The area around Brighton Place has three memorable pubs. The Druid’s Head (9 Brighton Place; 44-1273-325-490) is in a cozy 16th-century building with enough dark wood to keep potential druids happy. It also serves a juicy plate of roasted pork in cider sauce (£6.95, or $12.70 at $1.83 to the pound). The Sussex, in a yellow Georgian house (33-34 East Street; 44-1273-327-591), serves a hearty steak and ale pie (£6.99). Wash that down with a pint of Old Speckled Hen ale (£2.83). And if you’re hankering for fish and chips, follow the pre-clubbers to the Market Inn (1 Market Street; 44-1273-329-483; www.reallondonpubs.com) whose outdoor tables are ideal for watching Brighton go by.

8 p.m.

Pay tribute to rock legends at the Brighton Dome, (29 New Road; 44-1273-709-709; www.brightondome.org), a former horse stable turned concert hall where Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd have performed, and where Abba was introduced to the world at the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest. Coming concerts include Art Garfunkle (Oct. 6) and the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, performing covers of the Sex Pistols and others (Oct. 19). If you’re lucky enough to be here in May, the Dome hosts the innovative Brighton Festival.


10 a.m.

Two centuries have not diminished the hedonism and extravagance of the Royal Pavilion (Pavilion Buildings; 44-1273-290-900; www.royalpavilion.org.uk), a gleaming multidomed Xanadu that was built by the Prince Regent in the early 19th century before he was crowned King George IV. This Indian-inspired palace features gilded palm trees, soaring minarets and riotously-painted chinoiserie. Pay attention to the fantastical dragon chandelier in the dining room, so lifelike that diners reportedly trembled, and the elaborate steam-powered kitchen, a modern marvel of its time. For a decadent, Regency-era brunch, stop by the Queen Adelaide Tearoom, a serene rooftop cafe that serves potted shrimp, a traditional dish of shrimp stewed in mace-flavored butter (£6.95) and spiced English lamb with apple chutney (£7.95).

1 p.m.

For a more modern outlook, stop by Fabrica (40 Duke Street; 44-1273-778-646; www.fabrica.org.uk), a Regency-era church converted into a contemporary art gallery. Four artists are selected every year to transform the vaulted interiors into often outlandish installation pieces. Past works have included a real meadow planted where the pews once stood; and a dense tubular forest of compressed wood. Coming is a 59-foot-long collage of modern war images, "The Incommensurable Banner," by the Swiss artist Thomas Hirschhorn.

3 p.m.

Looking for rare books, dueling pistols or high-tech vibrators? You’ll find them in the twisting alleyways that make up the districts of Lanes and North Laine. Favorite shops include Fidra Jewelers (47 Meeting House Lane; 44-1273-328-348; www.fidra.com), an Aladdin’s cave of Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco baubles that is replenished often. The Lanes Armoury (26 Meeting House Lane; 44-1273-321-357; www.thelanesarmoury.co.uk) sells weapons of mass desirability, including a Thompson submachine gun (£545). And for those still spinning vinyl, the Record Album (8 Terminus Road; 44-1273-323-853; www.therecordalbum.com) has a trove of rare and quirky albums in mint condition, including the Japanese version of the “Raiders of the Lost Ark” soundtrack (£50).

5 p.m.

It may look like a kitschy tourist trap today, but the Brighton Pier (www.brightonpier.co.uk) endures as one of England’s last great beach piers. Take a stroll along the seemingly endless boardwalk, a foam-topped feast of fish and chips, Victorian beer halls and gut-churning thrill rides. Although many of its attractions are joyously low-rent, it’s hard not to be awed.

8 p.m.

You won’t find a lot of fish and chips at the Hotel du Vin Bistro (2-6 Ship Street; 44-1273-718-588; www.hotelduvin.com), one of Brighton’s glittering new restaurants and a favorite with English celebrities. On a recent visit, this congenial, clubby restaurant was packed with stylish Londoners in designer T-shirts and jeans, nibbling on modern Continental dishes like brioche topped with chicken liver and foie gras parfait, and grilled cod with chorizo. Dinner for two, about £80.

11 p.m.

A necklace of clubs dot the shoreline, and no one bats an eye when men in sequined dresses or women in business suits cuddle on the dance floor. The reigning hot spot is currently is Concorde2 (2 Madeira Drive, 44-1273-673-311, www.concorde2.co.uk) an old Victorian tearoom where up-and-comers and acts like Amy Winehouse (who recorded here) and the Foo Fighters play. Don’t be surprised if everyone takes a midnight swim in the sea, just 100 yards away. Other spots include Digital Brighton (187-193 Kings Road Arches; 44-1273-227-767; www.yourfutureisdigital.com ) for electronic music, and the Brighton Coalition (171-181 Kings Road Arches; 44-1273-726-858; www.drinkinbrighton.co.uk/brightoncoalition), a new club that plays Latin, techno and remix pop until dawn.



Brighton’s clubbers and cognoscenti rejuvenate at the Redroaster Coffee House (1d St. James’s Street; 44-1273-686-668) a Valhalla of caffeine where the croissants are fresh-baked and the coffee comes out of burlap sacks. Plop down on a sofa and order a pot of French pressed coffee (starting at £2.30 a pot). Everything is roasted and ground on the spot. Who says England is a nation of tea drinkers?

1 p.m.

Chug down memory lane. Volk’s Electric Railway (www.volkselectricrailway.co.uk) has been in operation since 1883, making it one of the oldest continuously running trains in the world. If the weather is good, grab an outside seat while this wooden Victorian contraption makes its way along Brighton beach, past bohemian Kemp Town, the sculptural Peter Pan’s playground, and a nudist stretch tucked behind a mound of pebbles. Does Brighton really have anything left to hide?


The nearest major airport is London Gatwick. Flights started at $628 from Kennedy Airport this month, according to a recent online search. From Gatwick, the Southern Railway (44-8451-27-2920; www.southernrailway.com) has roughly half-hour connections to Brighton (£ 20 round trip, $36.60 at $1.83 to the pound). From Heathrow Airport, take the tube to Victoria Station in Central London and catch the hour-long Southern Railway train (about £30 round trip).

Celebrities and well-heeled Londoners stay at the Hotel du Vin (2-6 Ship Street; 44-1273-718-588, www.hotelduvin.com), a 37-room hotel in the Lanes District near the beach. Housed in a mock Tudor building from 1934, it features enormous bathrooms, a lively bar and an excellent brasserie. Doubles from £170.

The Grand Brighton (97-99 Kings Road; 44-1273-224-300; www.devere-hotels.com) is the Queen Mother of beachfront hotels. Fans of the film “Quadrophenia” will recognize it as the place where Sting played a busboy. Doubles from £100 with breakfast.

The Twenty One (21 Charlotte Street; 44-1273-686-450; www.thetwentyone.co.uk), a seven-room bed-and-breakfast in the central district of Kemp Town, is run by a stylish couple who are a font of local knowledge. Doubles from £85 with breakfast.

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前進英國省錢大作戰 - Less $$ can be more

朋友們,我們談點「前進英國省錢大作戰」。既然,我們稱這番「前進英國」的作為為「大作戰」(war),那可就不是一些花拳秀腿的「省錢點子」而已,而應該像日本公司或工場入口,揭示其作戰之方略、方針,並將它們展開成可運作落實的「執行步驟」:換句話說,最起碼要有三階層的運作之展開:「目的-目標」、「戰略」和「戰術」(Objective,Strategy and Tactics)。不過話又說回來,你這趟英國之旅,畢竟是以學習為主導力的,所以凡事要抓住主旨和重要的少數項目(譬如說,取得學位或証書,或許度一難忘的英倫蜜月),其他瑣瑣碎碎的許多突發事件,最好隨機應變。注意,安、健康和感情第一優先,「金錢」的要求上,是有時空推移上的相對性。


先談「目的-目標」 。我想,我們「前進英國」的目的,最需要先想清楚:我這趟遠行,究竟主要去遊學,去「開眼界,去體驗英倫的社會、人文、人情。史地、文物之美」,還是去進修拿學位,還是我們有雄心和野心,想利用這趟旅行,兼顧前述,兩全其美,「畢數功於此戰」呢?這需要深入探討,譬如說,像我的朋友30年前只拿一碩士,這樣,他以後的發展領域,就多半只能選擇非學術的。換句話說,我們出門前要多了解自己,到英國之後,找適合自己的才能和興趣的地方和領域去發揮。

目的決定之後,我們要利用現在方便的資訊計畫,到英國更要堅忍不拔地「抗戰」到底,非完成使命或任務不罷休。所以,我們要注意我們的健康,包括我們的情感,才有本錢腳踏英倫實地去奮鬥。讓我們了解,這世界上有許多遠比金錢更重要的,譬如說,你這趟「青春之旅」的種種體驗。不要過份追求短期的「省錢」之利,而犧牲許多「花錢」買「體驗」的機會。換句話說,我們要了解,我將來可能有機會賺進這筆花費的千百倍錢財,所以這趟旅行,譬如說,你參加每年的愛丁堡藝術節或環遊英國,去英國的著名文學家景點等,相關的「必要」的花費,絕不手軟,我想這是花小錢賺大「收益」,這可能才是你『這輩子』的「省錢」之道(我稱為life-cycle savings)。


對於喜歡讀書或收集古董等朋友,到英國當然不可入寶山空回,因為許多東西都只有當時當地有才方便經濟地取得,即機會難得,相對便宜。這種例太多,尤其學校內的二手東西或地方的跳蚤市場,都有幾會出乎你意外。即使大出版商的,價格也合理,譬如說,我買本牛津版的Life of Johnson,價格只是現在台灣一般的平裝書價,不過它的「資訊完善」,是做學問不可缺的。

由於學習英文要花一輩子的功夫,我們應該將這當成戰略,希望跟英國人一樣好,這可利用的有效學習方式許多,多很經濟。我的經驗是,學校多有免費的課招待外國學生,雖然這與學位無關,不過它卻是了解英國文化之窗口,應善加利用,譬如說,我的英文老師教我將BBC的廣播一字不漏地聽寫出來。還有其他許多免費的公開資源,包括廣播和書報。你上導師面談課時,可採取「積極主動」,學年中請他們參加春節晚會,畢業謝師請印度料理等多經濟實惠。要多英國同學聊天,才知道他們的真正價值觀和技能本事,譬如說,我的同學有自己的摩托車車間自製零件,這對我而言,簡直是天方夜譚……我請教隔璧寢室如何釀酒…….。 最特別的,可能可以作地方政府等委託學校的專案,我們可以做中學,又有補助,譬如說我們到處免費旅行,目的是告訴郡政府,需要準備多少幼樹苗 來重種受虫愛的樹木。


平常學校餐廳有折扣,我們應該多利用,這樣既可以真正了解「英國料理」。試想,你在台灣吃西餐打過折嗎?我當時的學生宿舍,還有水電免費的公用廚房設備,可以自行料理,這樣,省錢多多,而且共同進食是很重要的經驗,還可以向英國人討教,問他們如何善用 oven 來料理--這技能我們通常沒有器材,所以不知利用--又可能有機會跟許多朋友交流,譬如說,蘇格蘭朋友教我讀 G. Green的小說,希臘朋友教我希臘文發音,伊朗朋友送我正宗的『魯拜集』, 南洋朋友教我用整套香料……。當然,校內、校外的pubs和場劇等,多不可錯過。



總之,我對"Less $$ can be more"的看法很簡單,即,就「目的-目標」而言,我們要將此次英國壯遊,當成是我們這輩子的「投資」。我有信心說,它的投資報酬率極可能是「千萬倍」(包括許多不可量化的好處),所以要勇於去「消費」。不過,我們的金錢、時間等資源都很有限,所以我們必須利用科技,善用經營管理方法,多搜集相關資訊,作計畫(包括預算),到現地現場時,多廣結善緣,認識多方朋友,他們通常會給最經濟有效的建議,「出外靠朋友」有道理。當然,我們可能每月或每季要有檢討,養成持續改善機制,譬如說,如果還有許多餘錢,我們可以作自己認為有長遠利益的投資。最經濟有效的省錢,是開始創造將來生生不息「生意」機會的投資和事業。

鍾 漢清
Hanching Chung (or HC/ hc)

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Regius professor 

p.272 注之"欽定教授"頗怪
原來是 Regius
... In 1841 he was named Regius Professor of Modern History at Oxford. In addition to several volumes of sermons, he wrote a three-volume History of Rome (1838 – 43). He was the father of Matthew Arnold and grandfather of the novelist Mrs. Humphry Ward (1851 – 1920)....


━━ a. 王の, 欽(きん)定の.

Regius professor 〔英〕 欽定講座担当教授.
不過 也許不是"欽定"的
Regius professor
, an incumbent of a professorship founded by royal bounty, as in an English university.

鄭登貴 Cheng, Teng-Kuei
Regius professor
英國劍橋大學 動物生理學研究所 博士
Ph.D., Cambridge Univ. (UK )

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"Cream tea".

Wikipedia article "Cream tea".

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Cream Tea
Cream tea, composed of scones, clotted cream and raspberry jam.
Origin information
Alternate name(s) : Devonshire tea
Cornish cream tea
Country of origin : England
Region or state : South West England
Dish information
Main ingredient(s) : Tea
Clotted cream
Strawberry jam
Variations : Multiple

A Cream tea, Devonshire tea or Cornish cream tea[1] is tea taken with a combination of scones, clotted cream, and jam.

Cream teas are offered for sale in tea rooms throughout England (especially the South West) and rest of the Commonwealth, or wherever someone wants to give an impression of English influence.

In the United States it is promoted as a typically English afternoon snack.

The name "Devonshire tea"[2] comes from the county of Devon in England, where it is a local speciality. The exact origin of "cream tea" is disputed, although there is evidence to suggest that the tradition of eating bread with cream and jam already existed at Tavistock Abbey in Devon in the 11th century[3].

[edit] Variations

An example of the scones served with Cream tea
An example of the scones served with Cream tea

There are regional variations within England as to how a cream tea should preferably be eaten. The Devonshire (or Devon) method is to split the scone in two, cover each half with clotted cream, and then add strawberry jam on top. Traditionally it is important that the scones be warm (ideally, freshly baked), the cream be clotted (not whipped), and the jam be strawberry (although raspberry jam is rarely used as an alternative). Butter should never be included, and the tea should be served with milk.[4][5]

In Cornwall, the cream tea was traditionally served with a "Cornish split", a type of sweet white bread roll, rather than a scone.[6]. The warm roll (or scone) should first be buttered, then spread with strawberry jam, and finally topped with a spoonful of Cornish clotted cream.[5]

Another variation to a cream tea is called "Thunder and Lightning" which consists of a round of bread, topped with clotted cream and golden syrup, honey or treacle.[1]. This variation is not commonly found in parts of England outside Cornwall.

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native English-speakers

Inside Europe | 20.09.2008 | 07:05

A Postcard from London

Non native speakers of English now outnumber native speakers by three to one.

Within 10 years it's estimated that two-billion people will be studying English, and about half the world, that's some three-billion people will be speaking it. Not much of an incentive there for native English-speakers to learn other people's languages or is there?

Carol Allen's thoughts from London.

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Richard Wright, Member of Pink Floyd, Dies at 65

Richard Wright, Member of Pink Floyd, Dies at 65

Published: September 15, 2008

Richard Wright, the keyboardist whose somber, monumental sounds were at the core of Pink Floyd’s art-rock that has sold millions and millions of albums, died Monday in London, where he had lived. He was 65.

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Associated Press

Pink Floyd’s original lineup, shown in 1967, included, from left, Roger Waters, Nick Mason, Syd Barrett and Richard Wright.

MJ Kim/Getty Images, 2005

Mr. Wright performing with Pink Floyd at Live 8 London.

The cause was cancer, said his publicist, Claire Singers.

Mr. Wright was a founding member of Pink Floyd, and his spacious, somber, enveloping keyboards, backing vocals and eerie effects were an essential part of its musical identity.

Though Syd Barrett and then Roger Waters wrote most of Pink Floyd’s songs, Mr. Wright shares credit on the improvisatory psychedelic studio works the band composed collectively, and he sang a few lead vocals, including on “Astronomy Domine” from the band’s debut album, “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn.”

Mr. Wright was the sole songwriter on “The Great Gig in the Sky,” a hymnlike track with a soaring, wordless female vocal at the center of “The Dark Side of the Moon,” the blockbuster 1973 Pink Floyd album that has sold some 40 million copies.

David Gilmour, Pink Floyd’s guitarist and singer, said in a statement on Monday: “In the welter of arguments about who or what was Pink Floyd, Rick’s enormous input was frequently forgotten. He was gentle, unassuming and private but his soulful voice and playing were vital, magical components of our most recognized Pink Floyd sound.”

Mr. Wright was born in London in 1943 and taught himself to play keyboards, developing an early interest in jazz. He attended a school for haberdashers then studied architecture at the Regent Street Polytechnic College.

With fellow students at Regent Street — Mr. Waters on guitar or bass and Nick Mason on drums — he started a group, at first playing American rhythm-and-blues songs. Mr. Barrett joined them in 1965, reshaping the music and naming the band The Pink Floyd Sound, after the American bluesmen Pink Anderson and Floyd Council.

Mr. Barrett’s whimsical, asymmetrical songs and the band’s fondness for experimental sounds placed it at the center of London’s underground psychedelic movement in the mid-1960s. “Music was our drug,” Mr. Wright once told an interviewer.

“The Piper at the Gates of Dawn” was released in 1967 and yielded pop hits in England, but LSD use and mental illness made Mr. Barrett so unstable that he left Pink Floyd in 1968. He recorded two solo albums; Mr. Wright and Mr. Gilmour produced the second one, “Barrett,” in 1970. Mr. Barrett died in 2006, at the age of 60.

Pink Floyd’s late-1960s and early-’70s albums mingled pop songs with extended pieces, like the 23-minute “Echoes,” which begins with single notes from Mr. Wright’s keyboard, on 1971’s “Meddle.”

On the 1969 album, “Ummagumma,” which includes solo studio recordings by each band member, Mr. Wright’s four-part “Sisyphus” encompasses a majestic dirge with tympani, a piano piece that moves from rippling impressionism to crashing free jazz, a clattery interlude for keyboards and percussion, and a mostly elegiac improvisation with organ, guitar, tape effects and birdcalls.

With “The Dark Side of the Moon,” Pink Floyd reined in its improvisation, came up with a concept album about workaday pressures and insanity and established itself as an arena-rock staple. The album stayed in the Billboard Top 200 album chart for 741 weeks. Pink Floyd continued to thrive through the 1970s, and Mr. Wright released his first solo project, “Wet Dream,” in 1978. Pink Floyd’s 1979 album, “The Wall,” eventually sold 23 million copies in the United States.

But there were conflicts within the band. Mr. Waters, who had increasingly taken control of Pink Floyd, reportedly threatened not to release “The Wall” unless Mr. Wright resigned his full membership in the band. Mr. Wright quit, only to tour with Pink Floyd in 1980-81 as a salaried sideman. He does not appear on the band’s 1983 album, “The Final Cut.”

After that album, Mr. Waters left Pink Floyd for a solo career, declaring the band a “spent force creatively.” Amid lawsuits, Mr. Gilmour and Mr. Mason regrouped under the Pink Floyd name; Mr. Wright rejoined them for the 1987 album “A Momentary Lapse of Reason” and “The Division Bell” in 1994.

He made another solo album, “Broken China,” in 1996, with Sinead O’Connor among the guest performers.

Mr. Wright, who was married three times, is survived by three children, Benjamin, Gala and Jamie; and one grandchild.

In interviews in 1996, Mr. Wright said he had not spoken to Mr. Waters for 14 years. Mr. Wright played keyboards on Mr. Gilmour’s 2006 album, “On an Island,” and went on tour with Mr. Gilmour’s band.

Pink Floyd’s 1970s lineup reunited briefly at the Live 8 London concert in Hyde Park on July 2, 2005, performing four songs before sharing a hug.

平克·佛洛伊德(Pink Floyd)是一支英國搖滾樂隊,成立於1965年。風格偏電子和迷幻搖滾, 他們不斷的演化成一支先鋒搖滾樂隊。他們哲學化的歌詞、聲音實驗、不斷創新的CD封面藝術和精心設計的現場表演都聞名於世。作為樂隊最成功和最具影響力的 一件事情是,他們的專輯在全世界範圍售出有2.5億張,全美國範圍有7千3百萬張。 平克·佛洛伊德于60年代晚期在Syd Barrett的帶領下在迷幻搖滾方面已經比較成功,但是Syd Barrett的古怪行為迫使他的同伴們不得不用吉他手兼歌手David Gilmour來替換了他。在Syd Barrett離開之後歌手兼貝司手Roger Waters逐漸成為了樂隊的領導者和主創者。在Roger Waters的領導下樂隊錄製了數張唱片,並且以1973年的《月之暗面》、1975年的《願你在此》、1977年的《動物》和1979年的《迷牆》取得了世界性的成功。1985年Roger Waters宣布平克·佛洛伊德解散,但是樂隊其他的成員在Gilmour的帶領下繼續用原本樂隊的名字錄音、巡迴演出,同時也享受著巨大的商業成功。最終和Roger Waters達成協議繼續使用平克·佛洛伊德這個名字。



[編輯] 初創


[編輯] 頂峰

在推出了幾張不很出名的專輯後,平克·佛洛伊德于1973年推出了《月之暗面》。 這張專輯獲得極其巨大的成功,成為搖滾樂史上的一個裡程碑,專輯在美國排行榜上連續上榜591周,總計上榜741周,為有史以來占據Billboard最 高週數之專輯。總計全球銷量至今已超過4000萬張,為人類音樂史上前五暢銷之唱片。《月之暗面》是一張概念性專輯,唱片中的曲目都圍繞著現代生活中的壓力這個主題。相當的曲目也涉及到了精神疾病的內容。

1975年他們又出了一張新的專輯《Wish you were here》。此唱片獻給已經離隊的巴瑞特。此唱片和1977年發行的《動物》同樣獲得了英美排行第一的好成績。同時沃特斯的曲風也繼續貫徹樂隊。




[編輯] 分手

1983年,在樂隊推出了《The final cut》後,平克·佛洛伊德的成員開始各自出專輯。樂隊事實上處於解散狀態。1987年吉默和梅森重組樂隊,但沃特斯並未參加。此後吉默,賴特和梅森繼續以平克·佛洛伊德的名義演出和錄製唱片。他們的最後一張唱片是1994年的《The Division Bell》,商業上仍然獲得很大成功,再次獲得英美排行榜雙料榜首的成績。

[編輯] 專輯列表

[編輯] 錄音棚專輯

  • The Piper at the Gates of Dawn (1967年8月5日)
  • A Saucerful of Secrets (1968年6月29日)
  • Music from the Film More (1969年7月27日)
  • Ummagumma (1969年10月25日) (半現場、半錄音棚)
  • Atom Heart Mother (1970年10月10日)
  • Meddle (1971年10月30日)
  • Obscured by Clouds (1972年6月3日)
  • The Dark Side of the Moon (1973年3月24日)
  • Wish You Were Here (1975年9月15日)
  • Animals (1977年1月23日)
  • The Wall (1979年11月30日)
  • The Final Cut (1983年3月23日)
  • A Momentary Lapse of Reason (1987年9月7日)
  • The Division Bell (1994年3月30日)

[編輯] 現場專輯

  • Ummagumma (1969年10月25日) (半現場、半錄音棚)
  • Delicate Sound of Thunder (1988年11月22日)
  • P*U*L*S*E (1995年5月29日)
  • Is There Anybody Out There? The Wall Live 1980-81 (2000年3月23日)

[編輯] 單曲

  • 1967: "Arnold Layne"/"Candy and a Currant Bun" (英國排名第20)
  • 1967: "See Emily Play"/"The Scarecrow (Pink Floyd song)|The Scarecrow" (英國排名第6,美國排名第134)
  • 1967: "Apples and Oranges "/" Paint Box (song)|Paint Box"
  • 1968: "It Would Be So Nice "/ "Julia Dream"
  • 1968: "Point Me at the Sky"/"Careful with That Axe, Eugene"
  • 1973: "Money" (美國排名第1)
  • 1979: "Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)"/"One of My Turns" (英國排名第1,美國排名第1)

[編輯] DVD和視頻

  • Live at Pompeii (1972年)
  • The Wall (film)|The Wall (1982年)
  • La Carrera Panamericana (1992年)

[編輯] 再次同台

2005年7月2日,經過20年的分裂後,平克·佛洛伊德的所有成員-包括沃特斯,決定捐棄前嫌,于現場八方倫敦演唱會上同台演出。他們共演唱了四首歌:Breathe/Breathe Reprise、Money、Wish You Were Here和Comfortably Numb。

[編輯] 外部連接

Artist: Pink Floyd
Song: Wish You Were Here

So, so you think you can tell
Heaven from Hell,
Blue skys from pain.
Can you tell a green field
From a cold steel rail?
A smile from a veil?
Do you think you can tell?

And did they get you to trade
Your heros for ghosts?
Hot ashes for trees?
Hot air for a cool breeze?
Cold comfort for change?
And did you exchange
A walk on part in the war
For a lead role in a cage?

How I wish, how I wish you were here.
We're just two lost souls
Swimming in a fish bowl,
Year after year,
Running over the same old ground.
What have we found?
The same old fears.
Wish you were here.


英ロックバンド、ピンク・フロイド(Pink Floyd)の創設メンバーでキーボードのリチャード・ライト(Richard Wright)さん(右、1998年6月9日撮影)。(c)AFP/PATRICK HERTZOGTA[ src="http://www2.afpbb.com/image/spacer.gif" />

【9月16日 AFP】英ロックバンド、ピンク・フロイド(Pink Floyd)の創設メンバーでキーボード担当のリチャード・ライト(Richard Wright)さんが15日、死去した。65歳。


 ライトさんは、『狂気(Dark Side of the Moon)』や『炎~あなたがここにいてほしい~(Wish You Were Here)』のなどの名作アルバムに収録された数曲の作曲を手掛けている。(c)AFP





 60年代にシド・バレット、ロジャー・ウォーターズ、ニック・メイスンと「ピンク・フロイド・サウンド」(後のピンク・フロイド)を結成しデビューし た。キーボードプレーヤーとして活躍。73年発表のアルバム「ダーク・サイド・オブ・ザ・ムーン(狂気)」で世界のロック界で不動の地位を確立した。一 時、グループから離脱した時期もあったが、87年再加入した。(時事)



最新的索德斯科大学生活(Sodexho University Lifestyle)年度调查发现,75%的大学本科生认为,读书能提高就业前景。60%的人则表示,获得更高的工资是他们学习的动力。





英国布拉德福德大学(University of Bradford)管理系副主任萨莉·巴罗斯(Sally Burrows)说,以前社交被认为是大学生活的很大一部分,现在则被刻苦学习替代了。




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Waste: Oil price fuels expansion of plastic recycling

《衛報》的一片文章說,由於油價上漲,促使塑料產品的回收擴大。 文章說,隨著威爾士一家新工廠得到批准上馬,英國將可能把它的塑料回收能力提高百分之50。 文章說定於明年10月開工的這家工廠可以回收大約5萬噸的塑料瓶和奶瓶等製品,並把它們製造成可以用來包裝食品的塑料包裝。 該報道說,目前在英國回收塑料產業正在擴大,尤其是最近的油價高企,更促進了塑料產品的回收量。

Waste: Oil price fuels expansion of plastic recycling

· UK capacity to rise by half as Welsh plant is approved
· Firm says buyers already lined up for 60% of output

Britain's plastic bottle recycling capacity will rise by 50% as a new £12m plant gets the go-ahead. Closed Loop Recycling, which claims its Dagenham recycling facility is the first in the world to take both milk bottles and clear drink bottles and turn them back into plastic suitable to package food, has won approval for a second and bigger site in Wales.

The Deeside plant, in Flintshire, which is set to open in October next year, will recycle 50,000 tonnes of water, milk and other soft drink bottles that might otherwise have gone to landfill or been exported, turning them back into plastic suitable to make new bottles.

The project is funded with cash from the private equity firm Foresight Group, a bank loan from Allied Irish Bank and about £1m in public-sector funding from the Welsh Assembly. The company is already working on plans for a third plant, which could be up and running by the end of 2010 and wants up to five facilities in the next five years.

Closed Loop has already got buyers for more than 60% of the plastic it will produce from the Welsh plant including major brands such as Coca-Cola, Britvic and the milk bottle manufacturers Nampak and Logoplaste.

All the 35,000 tonnes of plastic recyclate that will be produced annually by its first plant in Dagenham has already been sold to companies including Marks & Spencer and the packaging manufacturer Solo Cup. That plant, which officially opened in June, is already recycling plastic but does not expect to produce food-grade material for about a month.

Plastics recycling in the UK is booming. The number of bottles collected by local authorities has shot up nearly 70% in the past year giving processing businesses increased security of supply.

The industry has also been boosted by high oil prices, which have pushed up the value of plastic recyclate and virgin resin by about 10% in the past year. Virgin resin is now worth about £950 a tonne and recyclate only 5% less.

Much of the UK's waste plastic, however, is still shipped to plants in the far east for recycling, significantly enlarging the carbon footprint of the process.

Chris Dow, managing director of Closed Loop, said: "This is a sector that people want to invest in because it is growing. The consumer is asking the retailer, 'Are you using recycled material in that?' and the rising price of oil is a good thing for the recycling industry."

However, Dow said that despite rising demand, there were still a number of UK local authorities that did not collect plastic bottles, which is one of the easiest sources of plastic to recycle.

"Councils collecting at the kerbside are getting a big contribution that can reduce council taxes," Dow said. "Not collecting plastic is tantamount to neglect."

Marcus Gover, director of market development at the government-backed Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP), welcomed Closed Loop's new facility in Wales. He said: "The more capacity we have to recycle plastics, the better because each tonne of plastic recycled can save as much as 1.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent."

He said that if all 13bn plastic bottles used every year in the UK were recycled it would save a total of about 785,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent, the same as taking 250,000 cars off the road.

Gover added that it was particularly good to be able to turn waste bottles back into new bottles. "As far as WRAP is concerned, this closed-loop recycling is the holy grail of plastic bottle recycling," he said.

The Welsh plant will be supplied by the waste recovery firm Veolia Environmental Services, which will source plastic bottles from dozens of local authorities in Wales and the north-west of England.

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XL旅行社– All in Administration (the Companies)

旅行社破產 9萬英國遊客困海外












XL Leisure Group Plc, XL Airways UK Limited, Excel Aviation Limited, Explorer House Limited, Aspire Holidays Limited, Freedom Flights Limited, Freedom Flights (Aviation) Limited, The Really Great Holiday Company plc, Medlife Hotels Limited, Travel City Flights Limited, Kosmar Villa Holidays plc – All in Administration (the Companies)

On 12 September 2008, Alastair Beveridge, Nick Cropper, Simon Appell and Stuart Mackellar were appointed as Joint Administrators of the Companies by the Court.

The Companies entered into Administration having suffered as a result of volatile fuel prices, the economic downturn, and were unable to obtain further funding.

The Joint Administrators cannot continue trading the business and therefore all flights operated by the Companies have been immediately cancelled and the aircraft grounded. Going forward, the Joint Administrators are unlikely to be able to trade the business or operate the aircraft.

All passengers who have yet to commence their travel should make alternative arrangements as detailed below.

2008年9月12日 星期五


Wikipedia article "Rochdale". 合作社運動原鄉

(rŏch'dāl) , city (1991 pop. 97,282) and metropolitan district, NW England, located in the Manchester metropolitan area on the Roch River. The city's chief industry is the spinning and weaving of cotton and woolen yarns. Rayon, rubber, leather, and electrical equipment are also produced. The Rochdale Society of Equitable Pioneers was founded in 1844. There is a memorial to John Bright, who was born in Rochdale. The parish church of St. Chad dates from the 14th cent.

2008年9月11日 星期四

University of Cambridge 核心任务 网络新科技真有教育价值?

长久以来,英国政府一直希望提高贫穷学生上顶尖大学的机会,但是,英国著名的剑桥大学(University of Cambridge)公开反驳政府要求他们多收贫生的政策。



但是,剑桥大学校长艾利森·理查德教授(Prof. Alison Richard)表示,大学的角色是提供教育,领导学术研究,而不是“促进社会正义的引擎”。









不过,英国儿童、学校和家庭部(Department for Children, Schools and Families, DCSF)大臣埃德·鲍尔斯(Ed Balls)在一次新学校开幕式上却呼吁高等教育机构扩大社会参与性。






不论如何,Facebook、MySpace、YouTube和Wikipedia等新一代所谓的“Web 2.0”网络应用工具的确让教育界意见分歧。


最新的调查显示,有一半的老师认为,Facebook、MySpace、YouTube和Wikipedia等“Web 2.0”网络应用模式是很有价值的教育工具。

但有另外一半的老师认为,“Web 2.0”网络应用没有教育意义,只会分散学生的注意力。

为何老师对“Web 2.0”网络应用工具存在分歧意见?部分原因可能在于老师自己都没有完全了解它的优势。

由英国ntl: Telewest Business公司委托进行的研究调查发现,有20%的老师表示,他们没有这方面的足够知识或训练,不能将“Web 2.0”网络应用整合到课程内容中。






在各种网络应用工具中,44%的孩子认为Wikipedia最有教育价值;35%的孩子认为即时信息(instant messaging)最有教育价值;34%的孩子认为YouTube最有教育价值。

2008年9月10日 星期三

英國 當機 童年




一天,Mark气冲冲的嚷道:“这简直是丑闻。”原来,Josh所在俱乐部的教练离职,一位家长自告奋勇接掌帅印。暑假结束前总结,把“进步最突出球员奖”(The most improved player of the year)授予了自己的儿子。




CRB,是“犯罪纪录局”(Criminal Records Bureau)的缩写。自2002年在Soham小镇发生了两名女童被所在小学的一名校工杀害的案子后,政府规定,所有的儿童工作者,包括志愿者,只要与儿童有任何形式的关联,都必须通过CRB的甄别鉴定。





我 女儿所在的小学,是当年向垃圾食品宣战的明星大厨吉米•奥利维尔(Jamie Oliver)发动“学校厨房革命”的根据地之一。我曾为此做过一个特别的专题节目。在联系采访时,我提出要拍几张学生就餐的照片供BBC中文网发稿时 用。校长Hunter夫人说,别的她都可以做主,唯独这个要求不能由她拍板,而要由家长说了算。


我的经历与贝蒂•罗宾逊(Betty Robinson)相比,就是小巫见大巫了。贝蒂练习摄影,对着一个空的儿童戏水池拍照,被工作人员拦住。阻止贝蒂拍照,是怕她有恋童癖(paedophile)。对着一个空水池,你拍个什么劲儿?工作人员的警惕性很高。





而我的女儿,不要说晚上,大白天我也不许她独自在外面玩。怕什么? 我也说不清楚,总之,大凡“负责任”的家长们都会像我这么做的。

我的童年,不知童车为何物。大人下班回来,软磨硬泡要过自行车过把瘾。人小车大,腿够不着横梁,就把一只脚从车的三角框架中伸到另一边,一拐一拐的登半圈, 居然也有风驰电掣的感觉,也敢上大街走一回。


英 国的自行车爱好者组织“骑遍英格兰”(Cycling England)发表的一份调查报告说,大多数家长在他们10岁左右的时候就已经骑车上路了,但他们中很少人允许自己的孩子这么做。不让孩子们骑车上街的 主要理由是担心安全,但只有3%的受访者说,他们知道认识的人中有人出过事故。



刚 看到一则报道,不知该觉得可笑还是可悲。英国商界的有识之士意识到,这种“棉花套孩子”(cotton-wool kids)文化下成长的一代,将来根本无法同像中国、印度这样的国家一争高低。于是,出资与学校联手,搞了一个“Go4It”勇敢奖,旨在鼓励“理性的冒 险”(sensible risk-taking) 和学生之间的对抗竞争。


慈善组织儿童社会(Children's Society)历时两年的调查得出这样一组数字。一个九岁女孩被允许离开家玩耍的活动范围在1970年平均是840米,到1997年减少到280米。而今天,是以自家花园的栅栏为界限的。



London Exchange Paralyzed by Glitch
The London Stock Exchange suffered a system failure that cut off trading in shares of some of Europe's largest companies for over seven hours.


2008年9月5日 星期五

ESSEX and Kew Gaeden


Essex大學的校友通信Square 1 內容相當豐富,包括母校在 Research Excellence 全英國大學第十名---這是什麼意思?


2006 可能在找新併入的校園和戲劇區等


我昨天心境低沉,到台大農場看「Square 1」解憂---它是英國Essex大學的校友年錄;「Square 1」是「第一廣場」,有一永動多水桶噴泉,周圍是郵局、學生電台、學生大會辦事處,是重要的社交場所(就像各學院的common room)。刊中有英國女王給學校的獎,大意是國際學生招生成績不凡(對辦學財務有助益)。

我從第一期起,就收到Essex大學校友通信,昨日的,是第17期(近幾年改成全採色印刷。這學校在Wivenhoe Park,創校才40年-- 當年我的老師多從牛津大學和帝國理工「轉進」新大學,想實踐其教育理想。我的同學只有二位,一位是香港人,一位是牛津大學畢業生,他來拜師的)。幾年前,我去The Times看英國百校排行,它是第30名。我1977-78時,社會學系有名(後來我讀該系編的OUP的社會學簡明辭典,非常喜歡),現在,似乎是政治系當道……..)

我以前的數學(理)學院(School of Mathematical Studies 包括電腦科學、流體力學…….),現在似乎改為 School of Mathematical Science。我系以前的統計組也是世界級的,有G. Barnard等名師,美國威斯康辛大學的英國人大師G. E. P. Box和我國的刁院士等,似乎都曾到我系作客(他們的書中如此感謝)……我系近來發行「Square 2」(我從未收過),竟然有簡體字版,可見東方來的學生不少。其實,許多數學領域的高手是印度人,他們的數學統計等刊物都世界級。20幾年來人事已面目全非(他們有一新的離散數學組…….)

我們受到的face to face 的tutorials,最寶貴。我的英國光頭老師CBW,喜歡叫我Ching,他兼院長。有一回他從「Square 2」走上「Square 1」時心思重重,我笑問他怎麼一回事? 他說在苦思等一下的初等微積分的某定理要如何表達…….(我是第一次領教他的教學方式:不用課本,每周要我們做他的三題習題的,希望我們以後所有書都燒毀之後,可以從FIRST PRINCIPLES自己寫那門學問的…….)

我從網路在進Square 1,沒想到它比印刷的內容更少,真不可思議。他們前幾年都會提醒校友在立遺囑時,如何送學校東西。今年比較進步,懂得台灣的許多大學般的「認同信用卡」。我到演講區去看一演講:英國1920s 的 「(傑克)Bata製鞋王國廠區考」。South End有我一次到英國人家度聖誕節的美好記憶。……人生這樣有限,世界時空如此…….

06.09. - “De-Radicalisation” in Great Britain: Trying to fight the
threat of terrorists

On the 27th of August the British police arrested a young man in Manchester
- one more 'suspected home-grown terrorist', allegedly inspired by Al

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06.09. - UNESCO World Heritage Sites: The Botanical Gardens in Kew / London

Situated in Greater London, Kew Gardens are undoubtedly the world’s most
famous and historically important botanical gardens.

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