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Edward Russell, 1st Earl of Orford 1653-1727


Taking a closer look at Admiral Russell's Frame

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Edward Russell, 1st Earl of Orford
Officer commanding
Admiral of the Fleet Edward Russell, 1st Earl of Orford, PC was a Royal Navy officer. After serving as a junior officer at the Battle of Solebay during the Third Anglo-Dutch War, he served as a captain ... Wikipedia
Born1653, Chiswick

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Living off-grid in England .Theresa May rejects Tony Blair's call for a second referendum to reverse Brexit 'catastrophe', .Ireland may suffer the most from Brexit

Tony Blair suggests second referendum for Brexit 'catastrophe' Play! 01:14. Laura Hughes ...

The first blow to the Irish economy from Brexit has already fallen. Once Britain actually leaves the EU, the real damage will come

Brexit poses risks to both prosperity and peace

BBC Britain
"The hardest thing is missing having a washing machine, because of the time. Washing my clothes by hand takes about three hours." (Via BBC News)

Photographer Ed Gold explores the woodland community at Tinkers Bubble…

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'Turing Bill' fails to progress in Parliament;冒黑煙的 Russian warships pass through English Channel

Posthumous pardons yes - but no automatic pardons for living British gay men convicted of same-sex offences.

A fleet of Russian warships sailed through the English Channel on Friday in a very public display of naval might after European leaders again called on Moscow to stop its attacks on Aleppo.

A fleet of Russian warships, including the country’s sole aircraft carrier, sailed through the English Channel in a very public display of naval might after European leaders again called on Moscow to stop its attacks on Aleppo, Syria.

The Royal Navy says they are watching them "every step of the way".

Philip Green, MPs approve stripping former BHS chief of knighthood

BHS collapsed after being sold by Sir Philip Green, carrying a £571m pension deficit.

2016年10月19日 星期三

英國首相May 要推動移民數上限


在英國脫歐公投通過近4個月後,英國政府開始要推出長期限制移民政策。首相梅伊組了一個由12個部長組成的團隊,透過簽證系統來降低移民數,這一點已經出現在政府文書裡面。裡面,梅伊要設立專案小組,裡面也包括支持脫歐大將、外交部長Boris Johnson。
現在內閣成員正在研擬具體的計畫,比如每年移民英國的人不得多於現在的三分之一。其實這個措施在前首相David Cameron 時代已經提出,不過當時失敗。

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Some Britons will suffer from a weak pound more than others

As the cost of essential goods goes up, poor households are hardest hit
Marmitonomics and inflation

Table: average inflation Great Britain (CPI) - by year
average inflationinflationaverage inflation
CPI Great Britain 20150.05 %CPI Great Britain 2005
CPI Great Britain 20141.47 %CPI Great Britain 2004
CPI Great Britain 20132.53 %CPI Great Britain 2003
CPI Great Britain 20122.83 %CPI Great Britain 2002
6 more rows, 2 more columns

Historic inflation Great Britain – historic CPI inflation Great Britain


United Kingdom Inflation Rate | 1989-2016 | Data | Chart | Calendar

Calendar. British consumer prices rose 1 percent in the year to September 2016, following a 0.6 percent growth in August and above markets expectations of a 0.9 percent gain. It was the highest inflation rate since November 2014 amid rising prices for clothing, overnight hotel stays and motor fuels, and a weaker pound.

The Story of British Comics So Far: Cor! By Gum! Zarjaz!

The Lightbox - Wikipedia


The Lightbox is a public gallery and museum located in Woking, Surrey, in the South East of England. Three galleries host a range of exhibitions, changing ...


 The Lightbox has three galleries which have regularly changing exhibitions and a permanent local history musuem 'Woking's Story'.

Please see below for details of our current programme.

The Story of British Comics So Far: Cor! By Gum! Zarjaz!

6 Aug 2016 – 31 Dec 2016, £5 Annual Pass | Under 18s freeRead More

Camden Town Group: Art for the Edwardian Era

15 October 2016 – 22 January 2017, £5 Annual Pass | Under 18s Free


很多人都是透過看漫畫紓壓或是當作閒暇時的娛樂,但我們卻往往不會將這個大眾熟悉的繪畫形式與藝術聯想在一起。為了讓大家完整認識漫畫的歷史與展望,位於沃金的The Lightbox藝廊正在舉辦一場特別的互動式展覽,期望帶領觀眾以不同的視角重新看待這項通俗藝術在英國的發展。這場展覽從三千年前的古埃及象形文字開始追溯漫畫的源起,一路涵蓋了十八世紀知名諷刺漫畫家William Hogarth的作品,乃至近代風格俏皮的Grayson Perry,以及新近崛起的漫畫家Asia Alfasi。這場展覽將持續展出至今年底,且未滿十八歲者可免費入場。無論你是不是個熱血漫畫迷,想必都能在這場以漫畫為主軸的展覽中找到樂趣,心動的話就趕快行動吧!

(圖: Asia Alfasi and Hamish MacGillivray, The Story of British Comics So Far © The Artist and The Lightbox.)

2016年10月17日 星期一

The British government is foolishly making life harder for foreign students

Reducing immigration in general will hurt Britain's economy; barring fee-paying students is a particularly damaging way to do it
The number of foreign students in Britain is stalling