2013年4月17日 星期三

… If you and I were to paint a picture, it wouldn't be as good as the picture of great artists...


The Bishop of London said: "Nine-year-old David wrote to say, 'last night when we were saying prayers, my daddy said everyone has done wrong things except Jesus. I said I don't think you have done bad things because you are the prime minister. Am I right or is my daddy?" Perhaps the most remarkable thing is that the PM replied in her own hand in a very straightforward letter which took the question seriously. "However good we try to be, we can never be as kind, gentle and wise as Jesus. There will be times when we do or say something we wish we hadn't done and we shall be sorry and try not to do it again… If you and I were to paint a picture, it wouldn't be as good as the picture of great artists. So our lives can't be as good as the life of Jesus."
  1. 1139:
    The congregation join together for Charles Wesley's Love Divine, All Loves Excelling, reflecting Baroness Thatcher's Methodist upbringing.
  2. 1138:
    Quoting the poet T S Eliot, the bishop concludes: "What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from."
    He ends his sermon with: "Rest eternal grant unto her O Lord and let light perpetual shine upon her."
  3. 1137:
    The dominant note of a Christian funeral service, says Bishop Chartres, is that after the sorrow and the memories comes hope. Margaret Thatcher "had a sense of this", he says.
Baroness Thatcher's remark while in office that there is "no such thing as society" has been misunderstood, says the bishop. He says: "It refers to some impersonal entity to which we are tempted to surrender our independence."
Bishop Chartres includes the fact Baroness Thatcher was part of the team that invented the Mr Whippy ice cream as one of her pre-political achievements.
  1. 1130:
    Thatcher family
    Bishop Chartres says it must be difficult for members of her family and close associates to recognise the wife, mother and grandmother in the "mythological figure" of Lady Thatcher.
  2. 1129:
    The bishop's accounts of Baroness Thatcher's ability to reach out to people, whether members of the public, or himself, draw a laugh from the congregation.
    Bishop Chartres says she once warned him at a serious City function: "Don't touch the duck pate Bishop, it's very fattening."
  3. 1128:
    Bishop Chartres notes Lady Thatcher's Methodist upbringing "to which this country owes a huge debt". She once described her religious upbringing in a lecture saying: "We were taught always to make up our own minds and never take the easy way of following the crowd". The Bishop says that in the past it was so often the Methodists who took the lead.
  4. 1127:
    Bishop Chartres
    The Bishop of London, the Right Reverend Richard Chartres, delivers his address.
  5. 1126:
    Bishop Chartres reminds the congregation that Lady Thatcher had the common destiny of all human beings. "Lying here, she is one of us". The bishop says today is "neither the time nor the place" to debate her legacy.
  6. 1125:
    Delivering his sermon, Bishop Chartres, says: "After the storm of a life lived in the heat of political controversy, there is a great calm".


25萬人送別鐵娘子 4千警維安防「爆」

昨在倫敦聖保羅大教堂舉行的喪禮備極哀榮,這使她成為與故首相邱吉爾、威靈頓公爵、納爾遜將軍同樣在該教堂舉行喪 禮的英國政治領袖,彰顯其歷史地位。昨逾25萬民眾夾道送「鐵娘子」最後一程,但民調顯示,許多英國人對柴契爾夫人喪禮耗近4.6億台幣相當不滿。因周一 美國波士頓馬拉松爆炸案,英國昨出動4千多名警員維安。

柴契爾夫人的靈柩,在英國三軍儀隊的護送下,緩緩繞行倫敦街頭,沿途還有四千警力負責維安,,有鐵娘子之稱的柴契爾夫人,在這個月八號病逝,享壽87歲, 靈柩所經之處,聚集好幾萬人鼓掌致意,不過還可以聽到零星的噓聲,顯示柴契爾夫人的主政期間,引發的爭議,並沒有被人遺忘。
   柴契爾夫人的喪禮,在聖保羅大教堂舉行,雖然不是國葬的規格,但跟已故前首相[邱吉爾]一樣隆重,顯示英國政府對柴契爾夫人的尊崇之意,同時包括女王伊 莉莎白二世,首相卡麥隆等英國政界人士,以及來自全球170個國家的政要代表,約2300人出席了這場喪禮,場面肅穆哀戚。