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Royal Baby's Impending Birth Spawns a Retail Scramble in the U.K 英國皇孫 賭金逾4500萬

Royal Baby's Impending Birth Spawns a Retail Scramble in the U.K.4

LONDON—The newest member of Britain's royal family hasn't even arrived yet, and retailers here are scrambling to cash in on the keenly awaited birth.

The U.K.'s retail shelves are already lined up with your standard souvenirs, but how creative are retailers getting? Royal baby apps or an exclusive nursery suite in central London? Will these be a hit or a miss? WSJ's Dipti Kapadia reports.

The Duchess of Cambridge—the former Kate Middleton—and Prince William are believed to be past the mid-July due date for welcoming their budding son or daughter into the world. The baby will be third in line for the British throne, behind its father and Prince Charles, who is first in line to succeed Queen Elizabeth II.

Retailers aren't waiting for the actual birth to profit from what they hope will be a baby bonanza. They're touting everything from royal-baby-themed clothing for infants to luxury hotel suites for parents and more tongue-in-cheek items, like sick bags.
Agence France-Presse/Getty Images
A shopper views items marking the coming birth of the child of Prince William and the former Kate Middleton.

Central London's Grosvenor House hotel is offering a royal nursery-themed suite at the princely sum of up to £6,675 ($10,000) for a three-night stay, complete with a cot bed, a Beatrix Potter decorated changing area and a doll's house. The top-end package includes a private tour of Buckingham Palace, a baby sitter and personal grooming services, among others.

High-street retailers are also looking to get in on the action, offering key chains, mugs and other commemorative items. British children's stores Mothercare MTC.LN -0.74% PLC and Jo Jo Maman Bébé Ltd have launched their own lines of royal-inspired baby grows, bibs and bootees. Pandora A/S, PNDORA.KO -1.92% a Danish-based jewelry maker, is due to launch a gold and sterling-silver baby carriage charm for its bracelets, which will be available once the baby is born for £55.
Useless Creations Pty Ltd Games
A free phone app called "Keep Calm and Carry on Running" is a game where Will runs around London with his child.

Baby-themed paraphernalia on offer includes less traditional fare, such as games and other applications for mobile phones and nail polish in baby pink and blue hues. And British designer Lydia Leith has created a sick bag with a sketch of the royal couple and a baby on the front, with the words "Well Brought Up"—on sale for £3.
Grosvenor House, JW Marriott Hotel
The Grosvenor House Hotel created 'Suite Dreams' a luxury royal nursery with handcrafted furniture

The coming infant is already the subject of a children's book. "Shhh! Don't Wake the Royal Baby," a story about chaos at the royal palace and the baby's inability to sleep.

Analysts at U.K.-based Centre for Retail Research expect the royal birth to boost linked-in retail sales in the U.K. by £243 million during the nine weeks in July and August. That total includes £80 million estimated to be spent on souvenirs and toys, some £76 million on books, DVD's and other media and £87 million on festivities.

To say that the newest member of Britain's royal family will be born rich, is quite an understatement. What are the main perks of being born third in line to the throne? WSJ's Jason Bellini has #TheShortAnswer.

Meantime, the wedding of Prince William and Ms. Middleton in April 2011 boosted U.K. retail sales by more than £500 million, according to the Centre for Retail Research.

 英國皇孫 賭金逾4500萬

〔國際新聞中心/綜合報導〕英國劍橋公爵威廉和夫人凱特的第1個寶寶即將 誕生,全球民眾針對其性別、出生日期和名字瘋狂投注,金額估計已突破100萬英鎊(約4500萬台幣),刷新非運動類博弈新高,成為英國博弈產業的金雞 母。等著抱孫的王儲查爾斯15日笑稱:「皇孫『很可能』正在路上。」妻子卡蜜拉更說:「我們都在等電話,希望小王子或小公主這個週末就會誕生。」


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